Friday, 18 October 2013

Beauty favourites

Hey guys

I thought I'd write about a few of my favourite beauty products. I do have quite a few but I thought it best to limit it to 3.

(Please do mind the quality of the pictures- all I have is my iPhone camera and the lighting in my room sucks)

First product is MUA's Undress Me Too Eyeshadow palette. 

At the time of this purchase I hadn't started blogging but I had read so many reviews for this product and I have to say they didn't let me down! It's meant to be a dupe for Urban Decay's naked too palette. I don't wear eyeshadows often- just when I feel like making an extra effort like for dinner or something so didn't feel like paying the amount for Urban Decay's as it would be a waste of my money. MUA didn't let me down- it's a great dupe! The colours are vibrant, it's great for creating smoky eyes and last for ages! Even better if you use it with the MUA eye primer (I'm an MUA fan- can you tell? Lol)
The palette is at a bargain of £4! And if you have an NUS card like I do you can even get student discount on it bringing it to just over £3.50!  You can't go wrong. One of my favourite beauty purchases ever! As you can see- well used lol.

Second product is Maybelline's colossal volume express mascara- the cat eyes one. 

I did try others in this range but the cat eyes one did it for me. I already have pretty long curly eyelashes so this mascara just accentuates them making them even longer and fuller without clumps. I've been so happy with this mascara that I'm very hesitant to try any new ones (even though the blogger within me tells me to try new ones). I have tried and they've all failed in comparison to this one.

Third product is Collection 2000 extreme felt tip liner.

 I got this for free after spending a certain amount on collection 2000. It was new at the time so I think they were trying to promote it. I'm a sucker for offers and I love eyeliner so obviously I spent enough to get it. At first I wasn't convinced. I think it was due to me switching from eye pencil to something different but after a few times I began to love it. It's bold and you can create thin and think lines with it and great for the 'eye flick' we all know and probably love. It has lasted me quite a while and doesn't dry out. There have been a couple of times when I haven't put the lid on properly by mistake and I thought that was it but weirdly no, it hasn't dried out!

That's it's for now. What are your favourite products? Do any of them include these? Do comment and let me know!

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