Saturday, 25 October 2014

TK Maxx beauty haul

Hey guys

It's been ages since I've done a haul (and not because I haven't been shopping...) so I thought it's about time I did one!

Recently I visited TK Maxx and managed to find some good deals. I know people often rave about the bargains they've bought from TK Maxx but I must admit I'm not really one for TK Maxx. A shop where everything is technically all on sale should be my idea of heaven but I have to be in a particular mood for TK Maxx and even then I normally just make it as far as the beauty and accessories section and then I'm done.

My first buy was a 7 piece bamboo brush set by Japonesque for £12.99. I've never tried this range or heard of it so it's a bit of a risk but I have previously used bamboo brushes and have found them to be good and super soft so I'm hoping these are too. This set contains a powder brush, foundation brush, eye shadow brush, concealer brush, angled liner brush, eye shadow crease brush and a lash & brow comb.

Japonesque bamboo brush set

The rest of my buys were (predictably) for my nails. I must admit they aren't really autumn shades but when I was buying them I was in denial. (Yes I'm a beauty blogger who hasn't been excitedly waiting for autumn).

I picked 3 Revlon nail polishes and a Nails Inc polish. 

Revlon nail polishes

Revlon nail polishes

 These were £2.99 each.

Nails Inc Revlon nail polishes

revlon nails inc nail polish

The Revlon polish was £3.99 and the Nails Inc polish was £4.99.

I also then picked up a glossy top coat and a matte top coat. I have heard good things about Orly topcoats but didn't fancy paying £11.50 each for them so when I saw that these were £3.99 each I quickly picked them up. And conveniently, I had run out of both type of topcoats so for once I bought things I actually needed!
Orly glossy matte top coat

I hope you've enjoyed reading my haul. If you've recently splurged as well do let me know! I need people to make me feel less guilty about my buys... haha

Thanks for reading!


  1. That is a serious shopping haul, dear! Love all the new nail colours :))

    Lu |

  2. I'm he same, I have to be in a particular mood for TkMaxx.
    Looks like you picked up some great bargains