Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Watercolour flowers mani (GUEST POST)

Hey Everyone! 

Today I am going to be filling in for August while she concentrates on her exams, which I'm so excited about!

First just a quick bit about me and my blog. I'm fairly new to blogging as I only started in January and I mainly blog my nail designs and tutorials (although the odd beauty/make up posts make it in there now and again!). Doing my nails is just a hobby for me and something I love doing, and my blog is my own little space where I can share my designs and ideas with other people that love nails as much as me!

So today I've got a cute little design to show you all using (my favourite) Barry M polishes. 

nicole's nails UK barry M

nicole's nails UK barry M

To recreate this design you will need the following Barry M polishes:

Huckleberry (the blue used for the base colour)
Rose Hip (baby pink used for the flowers)
White, Gold and Key Lime (used for the small details on the bird)
Black, white and pink nail art pens

I've tried to create a watercolour style design for the mani, with the dark blacks and bright pink of the flowers. I wanted to do something quite challenging as well for the design so I added the tiny bird to my ring finger, as an accent.

The design is much easier to create than it looks. Just choose a nice light colour as your base colour so everything stands out. Then draw the flowers on freehand and just see how they turn out. The bird took a bit more work, and a lot of concentrating to get it looking just right, but I'm glad I put the effort in, because I love how it turned out! 


nicole's nails UK barry M

So I hope you like my design today, and that you all think I have been a worthy guest blogger for August!

Nicole x  


  1. So pretty. Great mani Nicole and thanks for introducing me to this blog. I'll certainly be back x

  2. Aww good :) glad you liked the mani! :) xxx

  3. Love the flowers - so pretty and unique! xx
    - nailstori.blogspot.co.uk

  4. wow, stunning nail art chick!