Friday, 2 May 2014

Blog and Life update

Hey guys

As you may or may not now, I am in exam season which is a pretty stressful and tiring time which explains the lack of regular posts. I barely have time to eat or sleep and sadly blogging is put on hold. 

However, I didn't want my blog to have a month of no posts so I've got some lovely guest bloggers who kindly volunteered to write a post for my blog and they are all great posts so look out for them. Please do make sure to check them out if you don't already follow their blog.

Guest bloggers:

Sophie from Cosmetics Case
Nicki from Kuwcoco
Olivia from Beauty Spot 
Nicole from Nicole's Nails UK

I'll be back in about a month's time with, God willing, great exam results and loads of nail art and reviews (because if there is a time retail therapy is needed it's during exam period...)


  1. Good luck with the exams, girl! Focus on the important things first :))


  2. Thank you!! I hope it all pays off! :) x x