Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Pastel Galore (GUEST POST)

Lately I have seen so much pastel trending around the world from pastel hair to jumpers and even shoes. I personally love pastel colours especially on dresses as pastel colours are so classy and elegant. Check out this dress from Missguided worth only £24.99.

What a beautiful shade and style

A trend that I have not only tried out myself but seen others try out is pastel hair!

pastel hair

Don't they look beautiful! My favourite pastel colour for hair has to be blue, it's something different than your usual hair shades, and will look absolutely stunning in the summer time with the sun shining on your colourful locks! Pink is also a great colour to use especially if you just apply it to the bottom of your hair to create an ombre effect.

Here are a few tips for when considering adding pastel shades to your hair:    
Buy hair chalk if you are not sure you will like the finished look, it's a good way to try before you dye.
Normal chalk you would use to draw with is more or less the same as hair chalk and is a lot cheaper (tip for money savers like me).
If your not sure whether to do it google some pictures to give you inspiration.

Thank you all for taking time to read and I hope I have persuaded you to give pastels a go!


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