Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Beauty Hacks For Your Beauty Routine (GUEST POST)

beauty hacks

 Who doesn’t love little tips and tricks to make your life easier and simpler? Here are some of the best beauty hacks to help you out! 
·      If you ever are in the shower and realize you have ran out of shaving cream use your conditioner instead. It’s hydrating and will get you a very close and smooth shave!
·      You can color your eyelid with white eyeliner to make colored eye shadow pop!
·      Always apply concealer under your eyes in a triangle shape rather then dots. 
·      Use a spoon to get the perfect winged eyeliner shape.
·      Apply perfume behind your ear, inside your wrists, base of your neck, behind your knee and inside your elbow. 
·      If you ever run out of dry shampoo baby powder will work just as good in a pinch! 
·      Coconut oil can remove your makeup. Just put it on a cotton pad and your makeup will dissolve. 
·      If you ever get a rash from your legs rubbing together in the summer, just apply deodorant to your inner thighs and it will prevent any rashes!

Do you have any other beauty hacks you swear by? 
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  1. Wow, there are some great tips here that I've never thought of. Thanks for this post, Nickki :))


  2. Great tips! I'm going to the eyeliner with spoon hack :)