Thursday, 28 November 2013

Fitness apps

Hey guys 

It's time for another fitness post. 
I've been feeling quite bad about my fitness the month. I've been crazy busy and now beginning to stress a bit.
This has equated to less visits to the gym.

However I have discovered 2 great apps that I got free for my iPhone that have helped me fit and track my fitness around me in the comfort of my home and in my day to day life.

The first is the moves app.

So happy I got it while it was free. Can't believe its £1.49 now! But it's such a great app and I guess they realise that which is why they are now charging for it. Helps me with my weight loss plan. As I mentioned, November has been a busy time for me and I barely made it to the gym so this app really helped me. I do a lot of walking and it shows me how much calories I can lose while walking!

 It made me feel less bad about not going to the gym. I used to always say walking was a pointless exercise as it's not intense enough but I'm actually burning off more calories than I thought! The one  that shocked me was all the calories I most while shopping! Definitely justified those purchases! lol 

The second is Zumba dance app.

I actually love Zumba but I haven't been to a class in ages! Then the other day I came across a Facebook ad (as you do) and they were promoting this app free for a limited app. (I like free stuff. Can you tell? Lol)
I love this app! It's so fun. Brings the gun of Zumba into my house. I'm so happy about it because I don't have any of my games consoles at uni which I normally use as an alternative to the gym.

I occasionally have used YouTube videos but I get bored of them after a while.
This app is a must have for Zumba lovers and those that feel a bit self conscious in classes you can do this in the comfort of your house. Can embarrass yourself however much you want, wearing whatever you want without fearing people watching you. It's perfect.
It has a screen so you can see yourself on the phone while copying the virtual trainer.
It would be even better on an iPad because of the bigger screen
The one time Facebook ads have helped me. Lol
The one thing that is annoying is that as I got it free, I only get 6 tracks. To get more I have to pay which I personally don't feel like doing right now as I do still have a gym membership...
I'll just stick to the free ones for now

These apps are exactly what I need just before Christmas. Shed the weight I'll put on so in a way I'm not gaining any weight! .

I must say, even though I got these apps free I would definitely say they are worth purchasing especially if you struggle to fit in exercise in your daily routine

I'm not sure if they are available on android but hopefully they are as I'm planning to get an android tablet soon and I'm hoping their App Store has the same kind of variety.
Have any of you tried these apps? Have you got any fitness app recommendations?
Do let me know

Thanks for reading!

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