Tuesday, 12 November 2013

You just got lit up!

Hey guys

I thought its about time I reviewed a product. It's been a while and this time I chose a non beauty product.

Unfortunately, here in the UK, it's autumn/winter time so it's freezing so I don't particularly like leaving my house unless it's necessary. I have to contemplate if lectures are necessary and going to the gym seems like a myth at the moment... Although I did manage to go today!

I've been wanting a scented candle for ages! I really wanted to buy a Yankee candle but I can't quite justify spending that much on a candle. Maybe when I finish uni and find my own place.
I saw one in tk maxx that I almost bought. It was called Copenhagen candle and the scent was Christmas spice. It smelt amazing but then I had to stop myself as it's not a necessity for me and even though it was a lot cheaper than a Yankee candle, as somebody who's trying to save money (haven't even done my Christmas shopping yet...), it wasn't needed.  

Anyway, I got into Tesco and came across candles they had on offer. They had candles my Glade, for £2!
I got the scent 'honey and chocolate'.

I was a bit hesitant as to whether it was going to be rubbish but I thought £2 wouldn't hurt me if it was.
I'm happy to say it wasn't! Despite burning it over 24 hours ago for like 20 minutes and sitting quite far from the candle I can still smell it's fragrance!
Unfortunately this is my first personal experience with scented candles so I don't really have anything to compare it to but for £2 I really can't complain. 
I highly recommend it!
It's such a pretty candle and smells great!

Prefect for staying cosy at home with a great book (or textbook...) or watching tv or something.
I don't know if it's a range out for Christmas but I need to get some more just in case!

Has anybody tried these candles? Or have you got any recommendations of scented candles that won't break the bank? Do let me know!

Thanks for reading! (And sorry if anybody is a Suits fan and because of the title thought it would be a Suits related post. I love Suits and thought this phrase was an appropriate lol- just me? Ok lol )

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