Friday, 8 November 2013

Christmas wishlist

Hey guys 

I can't believe its November already!!!
I really should be doing an October favourites post but to be honest I didn't buy that much that really deserves gushing about.
I'd rather do a post on what I want (need) for Christmas!
I haven't been shopping in ages so there are loads of stuff I want but I'll try and keep this list relatively short!

1. MAC lipsticks

I'm not the biggest lipstick wearer so it's difficult for me to spend lots on them
I currently own 2 MAC lipsticks. I've previously mentioned I got them at the cosmetics store so they were cheaper so it was easier for me to part with my money for them.
However there are a few shades I need. They're like the best colours ever and my makeup collection is incomplete without them
I've previously mentioned them before but I can't help it. I really want them:
- Girl about town
- Up the Amp
- Ruby Woo

2. Revlon Chalkboard Nail Art polish 

If you're a regular reader of my blog you'll know that I love my nail art. 
Revlon have brought out a new range of nail art polish in pastel colours. I love pastels and even though I still think it's weird that pastel is a trend in the cold weather I'm not complaining. Who said autumn/winter is for dull colours only
These pens look like so much fun and the designs are fun. I definitely see myself treating myself to couple very soon...I don't think I can wait till Christmas and in my opinion I think I deserve a treat or two.

3. MK 2279

 I have to leave the house with a watch. My hand feels naked without it. It's so annoying when I have to work at a hospital because I'm not allowed to wear any form of jewellery below the elbow.
Everyone goes on about Michael Kors watches. And for good reason too
Definitely a statement watch. I've been wanting to get a new watch for ages and this one from would be perfect for me. It would go with anything and it's not massively in your face so can be worn pretty much everyday!

4. Google nexus 32Gb

 I have been wanting a tablet for ages! I like iPads but I'm not too keen on getting an iPad because I already have an iPhone, iPod touch and nano. I have a love-hate relationship with Apple products and so don't think I can take anymore of their products for now. Also, I've been wanting to see the fuss about android is all about and see if it is really better than iOS. Majority of the reviews I've read says the google nexus is like number one on the tablet market. It's nice and portable. I like that it's not bulky like the iPad of the Samsung tablet. Great and easy to carry around to take to lectures and the library and help entertain me...( I mean help me revise)

Thanks for reading! 
What's on your Christmas list? Any if these? Or have you already got them? Let me know!

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