Saturday, 30 November 2013

November favourites

Hey guys

I can't believe its December already! Christmas time soon!!! Super excited. 

While writing this I realise I did a lot of shopping this month. I'm not quite sure why. I think it's because life got super busy for me and I used shopping to relax/procrastinate. Also, the weather became colder so I needed to adjust my wardrobe.

Favourite nail polish

I recently bought a load of Sally Hansen polishes which you can read about here.
So I think I'm going to have to say my favourite range for November is the Sally Hansen sugar coat polishes.

Favourite app

It has to be a toss up between the Move app and Zumba dance app. 

You can check out my post about them here.

Favourite item of clothing

I've been buying quite a number of shoes lately but favourite of this month has got to be these pair of black heels from ASOS. 


I'm a massive fan of ASOS but I haven't actually ordered from them for ages as I'm trying to be better with my money habits so I end up having a lot of save for later items.
But I couldn't resist when it came to these shoes.
I've been looking for closed back heels for ages and these were on sale from £42 to £12!! How could I say no? And they have a little nude stripe making it a bit more interesting than your average black heels but still being able to go with any outfit!

Favourite book
I heart London by Lindsey Kelk.

I love this series and this is the newest book in this series. I was meant to read this book over the summer but life got in the way and resulted in me reading it this month. It's a great, funny book and you can find my review of it here.

Favourite miscellaneous item

Striping tape! If you're a regular reader you'll be aware of my obsession with nail polish and nail art. This item has helped me create great designs! It does require patience and time but it's a lot of fun and the results make it worth it and it's so cheap! You can find out more about it here.

What have been your favourites? I'd love to know. I'm always looking for new things to buy.

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  1. Replies
    1. thank you :)
      they're great nail polishes x x

  2. Oh i have some striping tape but never came around to use it, i need to do it soon :) and yay Asos, i love them and recently do a lot of shopping there! And those heels look amazing :D

    1. You should so use your striping tape! A bit fiddly but the results are amazing and so worth it!
      And thank you! When I saw the heels I knew I had to get them! I love asos too but I need to cut down on my spending! x x

  3. Love those nail polishes! :D Esp the blue one! Beth xo

    1. Thank you! Yea the blue one is my favourite atm! x x

  4. love those nail varnishes! were gunna try them out myself actually!! :) xx

  5. great pair of heels!

    you can check out more from