Monday, 2 December 2013

Christmas tag

Hey guys!

It's December! The month of Christmas! So my first post of this month has to be a Christmas themed one so what better than the Christmas tag?

1) Do you prefer a real/synthetic Christmas tree? 

Synthetic. I'm not the biggest fan of nature and I don't really like the smell.

2) You're in a coffee shop, its December, what do you order?

It has to be a hazelnut hot chocolate. Starbucks do the best!

3) What's your favourite colour scheme to decorate the Christmas tree?

I love the classic colour scheme of red, gold and silver with loads of tinsel and baubles.

4) Do you prefer to give or receive gifts?

I can't pretend I don't love to receive gifts. Who honestly doesn't? So I'm going to say I prefer to receive gifts. However, you can't beat the feeling you get when someone opens a present you got them and they genuinely like it.

5) Do you like mince pies?

I've tried to like them but it just doesn't happen. I love the pastry though but nobody wants to eat the filling by itself and give me the pastry. Lol.

6) What's your favourite Christmas lunch?

I don't really eat traditional Christmas lunch. Don't get me wrong, I do eat Christmas dinners at like work and uni Christmas dos but on Christmas Day I don't eat the traditional as some members of my family aren't keen on it. But I love pigs in blankets and that is somehow incorporated into my unconventional but delicious 'Christmas lunch'.

7) What's your Christmas day fashion?

If it's just my family at home I'll be in something comfortable like leggings and a big jumper (not a Christmas one- I actually don't own one...). Loads of room for me to eat as much as I can :)

 If we're having guests then I'll wear a more presentable jumper and skinny jeans. (That way I eat a more reasonable amount...)

8) What's your favourite Christmas song?
There are a lot to choose from and after posting this I'm sure I'll remember others. I'm a big fan of Last Christmas and Rocking around the Christmas tree.
And you can't forget the classic 'all I want for Christmas is you'. 
(I hope those are their titles lol)

9) Favourite Christmas film?

I love Home alone or the grinch. I can't choose one. It's impossible.
I also love Merry Madagascar, a short but funny Christmas themed film from the Madagascar series.

10) Open presents before or after lunch?

I'm not waiting till after lunch! It's a struggle to wait till Christmas Day!

Hope you've enjoyed this tag and I tag you all! It's Christmas and I think you should all do it! If you do, let me know. I'd love to read it!

x x