Monday, 30 December 2013

Hair product of the year

Hey guys

It's another best of 2013 post. This time it's all about the hair.

I haven't really talked much about hair on my blog but hair products also get a good chunk of my money spent on as well.

I've bought quite a lot of decent hair products this year. I can't remember actually buying a disappointing product so I'll probably review some in the near future.
This year I finally invested in Argan oil. I had heard loads about it but I'd also heard how expensive it can be.
You can buy shampoo and conditioners and sprays etc with Argan oil but I always worried that they contained a minimal amount and would be seriously watered down and wouldn't be worth the price.

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So I bought a bottle of Argan oil. Had to make sure it was genuine as there are fakes out there. This didn't cost me as much as I was expecting and it's lasting me.
It has helped add shine to my hair. My hair feels so soft and just generally looks and feels healthy and
It's definitely worth the hype.

Have any of you tried Argan oil? What's has been your stand out hair product of 2013? I'd love to know!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I've tried out different brands but the one I'm liking the most is by Macadamia. It's expensive but I got mine for free when making an online purchase, yay!

    1. Freebies are always great especially when they turn out to be great products!
      I've never heard of them but I'll definitely look into them.
      Thank you and thanks for commenting!
      Appreciate it! :)
      x x