Saturday, 7 December 2013

Christmas chocolates!

Hey guys

It's been a while and since I'm having a bit of a fat day I thought I'd write about my must have chocolates for the festive period. It was difficult to just pick 3 as I am a chocolate junkie but here's what I chose:

1. Ferrero Roche

My ultimate favourite is Ferrero Roche.
I can't go through Christmas without eating these.
I would class these as 'premium' chocolates as they do cost a bit more than I would like to pay for chocolates which is why I get others to buy it for me :)
Debenhams do some really cool Ferrero Roche collection presents with the different flavours but to be honest I'm a fan of the original, gold wrapper chocolates.

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2. Chocolate coins

These have been a favourite right from childhood. My parents always bought my brothers and I countless bags of these. I'm surprised we haven't gotten sick of them yet.
Too bad it wasn't real money.

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3. Celebrations 

Out of all the festive chocolate collection tins this one has got to be my favourite.
It's the tin where I eat most of the chocolates and now they've added Twix!
In my house we're always fighting for the Maltesers.
Milky way and Mars always get neglected and are left till last. We eat them when we have no more chocolate in the house.

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What are your favourite Christmas chocolates?
Any of them include these?
Do let me know!

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  1. I loved chocolate coins as a child..I still do!
    And celebrations are absolutely yummy but, heroes are better!! I love chocolates with coconut in the most!xo

    1. So I take it you're a fan of bounty?!
      Heroes is good too but I prefer celebrations as it contains more chocolates that I like in comparison to heroes

      x x

  2. Aww ferrero rocher are my favorites, so delicious! Unfortunetly i can never eat just one :P

    1. Absolutely! I eat a minimum of 3 at one go...
      They just taste too great! x x