Friday, 31 January 2014

Liebster Award!

Hey Guys!

I've been nominated for a Liebster Award! I'm so honoured.When I got the notification on Twitter telling me Karun from Simply Karun had nominated, I was so shocked but more importantly grateful! I never thought my blog would be anywhere near what it is today considering it's just a hobby that barely anybody knows about.

Liebster blog award
I'm not sure where it originated from but the  main aim of it now are to promote blogs who have less than 200 followers. I think it's a great idea and I love that the blogging community helps to recognise others and help to promote fellow bloggers!

Firstly, you have to mention the person who nominated you and their blog.

Then, the person who nominates you (Karun in my case) has set 11 questions for me to answer and then I have to nominate 11 other people and give them 11 questions to answer as well.

So here goes:

1) What's your favorite thing about blogging? 

Finding about all these cool products/brands that I may not have ever come across or would have taken me ages to find out about them

2) Would you rather never be able to follow a trend again or give up makeup? 

If you asked me this 2 years ago I would have said give up make up but now I don't know how I would survive without make up! 

3)Give one interesting fact about yourself. 

I've been playing the piano since I was 5/6 (I'm 21 now)

4)What is your all time favorite beauty brand?

This is such a hard question. I like bits of many brands but gun to my head, it would have to be MAC/MUA. Sorry, I can't pick one.

5) What is your all time favorite beauty product?

It has to be MUA's Undress Me Too Palette

6) What trend are you loving at the moment?

I'm loving the pastel trend. I've always loved pastel colours and I'm happy to still rock it during winter time.

7)What is your favorite blog to read?

I love Patricia's blog ( Her style is amazing and I love her make up looks. You should check out her youtube channel as well. She's amazing and so funny!

8)What is your favorite type of post to write?

It would have to be a toss up between NOTD and a haul. Writing up a haul somehow justifies my spending...

9)What would your dream holiday be?

A cruise that takes me to America and the Caribbean

10)What is your ideal pamper evening?

Face mask and then doing my nails pumping loud music or watching my favourite tv shows. Just relaxes me and gets me ready for bed.

11) What piece of advice would you tell your younger self?

People's opinions really don't matter. 
My parents always told me this and I'm grateful they did as I didn't take much notice of people's opinions but sometimes, even now, I can get caught up thinking: what would people say/think? Will they laugh etc. I know it's difficult to believe it sometimes but you'll have a happier life not worrying about others and their opinions.

And these are the questions I have for my nominees:

1. What shop (online or high street) is your favourite?
2. Handbag or shoes?
3.Are you more adventurous with your eyeshadow or lipstick?
4. What's your favourite book?
5.Where's the best place you've visited?
6. How do you think your life would be different if you weren't blogging
7. Favourite drugstore brand?
8. Nail art- YES or NO?
9. Do you prefer shopping for beauty/skincare or clothes?
10. What's one trend that you just can't stand?
11. What's one thing you'd like to have accomplished by the end of this year?

And my nominees are:

1. Laura from

2. Gillian from

3. Amy from

4. Alyshia from

5. Hannah from

6. Jennie from

7. Sophie from

8. Heather from

9. Lubka from

10. Amy from

11. Caitlin from

Thanks for reading. It's a different type of post but it's nice to keep things fresh. Just showing my appreciation for my award and giving credit to those I feel deserve it. If you're one of the nominees do let me know when you've answered my questions. I'd love to know your answers!

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Introducing Sugarpuss London

Hey guys

It's time for a different kind of post. I'm a huge jewellery lover.
I'm a girl who would rather leave the house with no make up but have my jewellery instead of a face full of make up but no jewellery. Some people say I'm weird but oh well. I think it's because I've had my eyes pierced since I was a baby and I've been wearing jewellery ever since I can remember, so it's odd to me that I've never written a post about jewellery.

Anyway, onto the point of this post.

Recently I've come across a brand who make beautiful jewellery. The brand is called Sugarpuss London

Sugarpuss London logo jewellery

Their website reads: 'Sugarpuss London pride themselves on creating exquisite fun and flirty jewellery from quality, high end, natural materials'. 
This is my kind of jewellery so this brand definitely interests me.

You should definitely check out their website so you can view their gorgeous range for yourself.
And they currently have a sale on! 

Whether you like pearls, silver, gold or a bit of everything, there are items to suit everyone!

Sugarpuss London jewellery collage

 Their designs have been featured in Vogue, Tatler, Glamour, Instyle, Marie Claire, Perfect Wedding, Look and Esquire so they've got to be doing something right!


Watch this space as I'll be reviewing one of their products very soon and I'm sure they won't disapoint!

Thanks for reading!

Monday, 27 January 2014

Mani Monday- Street Artist Edition

Hey Guys

Happy Monday! (Positive thinking...)

I had an assessment today and one way I like to de-stress and chill is by doing my nails.

Recently, I bought a load of nail polishes which you can read about here

I really wasn't in the mood for waiting for nail polishes to dry so I can do some nail art design but I didn't want plain nails so I decided to try out one of the new polishes from Maybelline's Color Show Street Artist edition.

These polishes are a top coat effect so I just picked out some random nail polish I found in my collection which turned out to be one of the many presents I was given by my blogger secret santa. The polish is from Primark and the first one I've used from there. I don't know if their polishes are any good but I love this colour. I almost didn't want to put the top coat over.

maybelline street artist nail polish

As I was painting the top coat on, I wasn't sure if I was feeling it but the more I look at it, the more I'm warming up to it.

maybelline color show street artist

maybelline street artist nail polish

So far I'm loving them. Have any of you guys tried these polishes? What do you think of them?

Do let me know!

Thanks for reading!!

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Superdrug haul

Hey guys!

Hope you've been having a great week. Mine hasn't been that great which resulted in a bit more shopping than I should have done...

So I thought I might as well do a haul post especially as it's been ages since I've done one.

I love Superdrug. They always have great deals on and I can get student discount which makes it very difficult to leave buying exactly what you came in for.
We've all been there. I'm only coming in to get boring stuff like cotton wool or deodorant or something but then we end up at the checkout with a handful of make up.
I must admit though, it's been a while since I've bought make up plus, I had a voucher for extra points so I actually don't feel that bad.  

First of all, I picked up a number of nail polishes. If you didn't already know, I'm a massive fan of Maybelline's color show range and now they've brought out two new limited edition ranges. I'm so bad with limited edition, because as soon as I see limited, I have to get them all. I'm even worse when it comes to nail polishes.

The ranges are 'Stripped nudes' and 'Street Artist'

Maybelline color show stripped nudes
Stripped nudes

Maybelline Color Show Street Artist
Street Artist

I'm yet to own nude polishes as I've worried they'll look weird on my as I'm quite dark skinned but I thought it's about time I try it out as I have seen some great nude manicures.

The street artist range just looked amazing. I mean how can you say no to those? They cost £3.99 but they're currently on offer: buy one get one half price. That topped with student discount, I basically made an investment...
The two on the outside aren't actually limited edition, but I want to collect the range.
The street artist range nail polishes are top coats. I'm yet to try them out yet but when I do, I'll put a post up.

The next thing I picked up was an eyeshadow palette from MUA. I love MUA but for ages all they're good stuff has been out of stock so I had given up looking at stuff on their counter. Then as I was paying I spotted that all the good stuff had returned and so I picked up the Heaven and Earth palette. I currently own Undress Me Too which is an amazing palette. I had been looking for neutral eyeshadows and I had read a couple of reviews for this one and at the bargain of £4 I thought I might as well pick this one up.

MUA eyeshadow heaven earth

MUA eyeshadow heaven earth

The next item I picked up was one of Sleek's blush palette.

sleek blush palette

 I've heard great things about this palette for ages and I've been looking for a good blush that's well pigmented without being too harsh for ages. I haven't used it much yet as I don't wear blush everyday but when I have used it, I've loved it.

sleek blush pink sprint

Lastly, I picked up Garnier's new micellar water.

Garnier micellar cleanser water

I've heard loads about micellar water. I had wanted to get L'oreal's but the reviews I saw weren't encouraging. 
I personally like Garnier's products and the reviews I read about Garnier's were good so I was more swayed to to pick this one up. It also happened to be on offer as well.

That concludes my recent visit to Superdrug. I think I ought to stay clear of that shop for a while now...

Have any of you guys bought some great products from Superdrug or have any of you posted a haul recently? I'd love to know as I'm always looking for products to try.

Thanks for reading!!!



Monday, 20 January 2014

Mani Monday

Hey Guys

Happy manicure monday!

These are the colours I used to create this week's nails.

nail polish maybelline collection

As you can tell, the one on the left is pretty old. The writing is rubbing off. It's from collection 2000 and the other one is from Maybelline's color show range which I did a review of once upon a time ago!

striping tape nail art manicure monday

Another simple design but I think sometimes with striping tape less is more. Leaves it looking more elegant.
Unfortunately my thumbnail has broken leaving my nails a bit uneven but hopefully it'll grow back soon!
What do you guys think? Any of you obsessed with nail art like me? Leave your links below, I'd love to see them! 

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, 18 January 2014

#2014bloggerchallenge- My battle with oily skin (skincare routine)

Hey guys

Today's #2014bloggerchallenge is all about skincare. If you've read any of my previous posts you might know that I'm also taking part in #theskinproject which involves the many various aspects of having a good skincare regime so if you're interested check my posts out here.
Having a good skincare routine is a great thing to have. 99% of the time I'm good with my routine but like everybody else I have those days when I feel lazy. All I do is use a face wipe and go to bed.

Going to bed with make up on or not having removed it properly is one of the biggest mistakes to make and I make sure I never do. Not only will you regret it in the morning but you're left with make up stains all over your pillow which isn't pretty.

I thought, I'd use this post to talk about my general skincare routine.

skincare MAC body shop simple nivea garnier

If you have read any of my other skincare posts you would know that I have super oily skin. I am always complaining about it.
I don't want to think about how much money I have spent looking for products help me combat shine and over production of oil.

However, I am in a state where I'm quite happy. It may be due to the colder months, but my face remains shine free for a lot longer than it used it.

Every day, I was my face with Body Shop's tea tree oil facial wash and use the tea tree toner. I've found that tea tree products are great for oily and blemish prone skin. I recommend any of the products from Body Shop's tea tree range. I've tried them all and they're great!

I then use an oil balancing moisturiser from Simple. As I've said in a previous post, it's tempting not to moisturise when your face makes excess oil but not moisturising is a big mistake. It's just about finding one that doesn't leave your face greasy but still giving it adequate moisture.

Before putting on any make up I use MAC's Skin Base Visage and Loose Translucent Powder from their Prep + Prime range. These two products have been absolute lifesavers and I'm so happy I finally gave into buying MAC products.

At nightime, I wash my face using Garnier's Pure Active Fruit Energy Daily Energising Gel Wash.
I use Nivea's 2 in 1 cleanser and toner and then moisturise with Garnier's Moisture Match for oily/combination skin. I originally bought that with intentions of using it in the morning but it didn't provide a matte finish so I changed to using it at night.

 Face masks are probably my favourite aspect of skincare. I just recently blogged about them so instead of repeating myself you can find out more here

soap glory body shop good things

The main thing I do when looking for skin products is to make sure they're for oily skin and help to keep the face matte but at the same time, won't dry out my skin.

For now, my skin is in a good place but I'm still looking for the ultimate way to remain shine-free. If you know of any recommendations of how to combat oily skin I'd love to know.

Thanks for reading and if you're taking part in this challenge I would love to read your posts so leave your links below!!!

Rimmel Scandal Eyes- Retro Glam review

Hey guys

It feels like forever since I've posted a beauty product review so I thought it's about time I do one.

If you hadn't guessed from the title, I'm reviewing one of the mascaras from Rimmel's Scandal Eyes range. I've heard great things about the Scandal Eyes range but I was hesitant to try them as my usual mascara is great and I didn't want to be disappointed.

I actually won this mascara from doing a survey for Fabulous magazine and I was pleasantly surprised as I barely ever win anything!
I had actually forgotten all about it as I did the survey months ago but when I returned home from uni for the Christmas holidays, I saw I had post which got me excited anyway and then to find out it was this product was even more exciting!

The funny thing is that a couple of days before receiving this, I was in Wilkinson browsing the Rimmel counter as they were selling everything under £5 and I almost bought this mascara. Luckily, I ended up buying another mascara from the Scandal Eyes range which I'll also review when I've tried it.

mascara rimmel scandal eyes review

This is the retro glam edition of the Scandal Eyes mascara.
The effect this mascara is meant to give is a wide eyed effect. 
When I first tried this mascara I didn't really like it as I felt it looked like I wasn't really wearing mascara. My eyelashes are quite long and curly and dark and I felt like I was wearing clear mascara.
But after a couple more goes I warmed up to it. It goes great with winged eye-liner as it really does create a big eyed effect which I really like.

rimmel mascara scandal eyes review

If you like mascara that's dramatic, I wouldn't recommend it. I don't wear it for special events but I like it's subtlety which is why I think it's a great every day mascara and creates that bigger eye effect without making it obvious. 

RRP is £6.99 which is decent for a mascara but at the moment Superdrug and Boots have it on offer. Also, Wilkinson and Savers usually have a lot of Rimmel products for £4.98

There is an extreme black version that I'm tempted to try but as it stands I think I have enough mascara as it is but if I give in and buy it, I'll let you guys know and post a review!

Have any of you guys tried this mascara? What did you think of it? Or have you tried other from the Scandal Eyes range? Please do let me know!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

#theskinproject- face masks and treatments

Hey guys

This week's topic is all about face masks and treatments!

I think face masks are one of the best things we can use to help our skin. A lot of them provide deep cleansing and when used regularly can help to prevent breakouts.
Before using any face mask it's important to know what type of skin you have be it oily, combination, sensitive or dry. Each face mask won't suit everybody so it's important to know so you avoid over hydrating your skin, or drying it out.

I like to use face masks as a way of relaxing. I also run to them when I've been a bit slack and my face is beginning to suffer...

I recently talked about my favourite face mask of all time. It actually was my stand out product of 2013.

facial peel fab pore soap glory

This is a face mask by Soap and Glory. Ashamedly, this is the only Soap and Glory product I've used but I plan to change that this year. Hopefully they won't disappoint as they've set some high standards now.

Anyway, I definitely recommend this for people with oily skin like me. it doesn't cost much either. It costs £10 but is always on offer in boots so might as well stock up on it while you can!

It contains everything a girl needs to help keep the face healthy and shiny! It also contains anti-aging features which is great news for some of you but if I'm totally honest it isn't something big on my list right now but I've heard it's good to start young so maybe I should look into it... But that's for another post.

As I have recently, written about this, I don't want to go on too much as I'll be repeating myself but if you want to find out more you can can read all about it here.

Other face masks I have used and also would recommend include 


Image from


Image from

Masks with superfruit extracts and tea tree oil are very good for blemish prone/oily skin.

Which face masks do you use? Can any of them beat my favourite? Do let me know!

If you would like to know more about face masks, I've included some links at the bottom that explain more and give some recommendations.

Thanks for reading!!

Monday, 13 January 2014

First mani of 2014!

Hey guys!

It's been a while since I've posted a mani post!
I've been on work placement and wasn't sure if I was allowed to wear nail polish or not so I decided not to. Not the easiest decision...
Then I was ill which explains the lack of mani monday posts. But I'm back and here's my first mani of 2014!!! 

A little late I know, but better late than never!

 nail art striping tape

I was just messing about with my striping tape and came up with this design.

What do you guys think?

Do let me know. And if you know of any nail accessories do comment below. I'm always looking for new things to keep my nail art fresh :)

And I apologise for the absence. I've been super busy with work placement, assignments and recovering from various illnesses. I'm hoping to post more regular again very soon.

Thanks for reading!
x x

Thursday, 9 January 2014

#theskinproject- moisturise

Hey guys 

This week's post for the skin project is all about moisturisers.

This is an important step in having a healthy skincare routine no matter the type of skin you have. It helps to give a good base so that when you put your make up on it doesn't look dry and flaky or greasy if you have oily skin.

Personally, I have oily skin and at times it may seem like skipping moisturising would help but it fact it would have the opposite effect. I've never not moisturised my face after washing it as my skin gets dry and which isn't a good base to have.

I've used my fair share of moisturisers but the one I've used for a long time is an oil balancing moisturiser from simple. 

Image from

This a great moisturiser and does the job without making my face greasy. It's only let down is that it doesn't contain SPF which would be nice but I'm very hesitant to try a new moisturiser as when I do they have been a massive let down and a waste of my money.

What moisturisers do you use? I'd love to know. Maybe you'll tempt me to try a new one!

Thanks for reading!

x x

Thursday, 2 January 2014

#2014bloggerchallenge- New Years Inspiration

Hey guys


It's my first post of the year and the first post of the #2014BloggerChallenge. Gaby from anothergirlyblog has decided the first topic to be a picture or quote that inspires me and will hopefully inspire you as we start this new year.
As it stands I can't quite think of quotes that usually motivate me. As soon as I post this I'm sure they'll all come flooding back to me.
However, I did find some new ones. I couldn't pick 1 so I've chosen 3. I'm sure you won't mind.
 These can be used to not only motivate blog wise but with my personal life as well such as uni and my weight loss plan.

I think this pretty much sums up how I want my attitude to be for this year and basically the rest of my life!

This is just a great quote to let yourself know never to give up. Things may get difficult, and trust me I know all about that, but everyday that you face, brings you closer to achieving that goal, whatever it may be.

This last one really speaks to me as I sometimes have issues with confidence and it really holds me back from achieving things I know I can. I'm hoping that in this year, I'll be able to begin to deal with this and become more confident in myself.

Thanks for reading! I hope you've found these motivational like I have. If you're also taking part in this challenge I'd love to see what quotes/pictures are motivating you.
Leave your links below!

Have a great 2014!!!!! 
Let's start as we mean to go!

x x