Thursday, 23 January 2014

Superdrug haul

Hey guys!

Hope you've been having a great week. Mine hasn't been that great which resulted in a bit more shopping than I should have done...

So I thought I might as well do a haul post especially as it's been ages since I've done one.

I love Superdrug. They always have great deals on and I can get student discount which makes it very difficult to leave buying exactly what you came in for.
We've all been there. I'm only coming in to get boring stuff like cotton wool or deodorant or something but then we end up at the checkout with a handful of make up.
I must admit though, it's been a while since I've bought make up plus, I had a voucher for extra points so I actually don't feel that bad.  

First of all, I picked up a number of nail polishes. If you didn't already know, I'm a massive fan of Maybelline's color show range and now they've brought out two new limited edition ranges. I'm so bad with limited edition, because as soon as I see limited, I have to get them all. I'm even worse when it comes to nail polishes.

The ranges are 'Stripped nudes' and 'Street Artist'

Maybelline color show stripped nudes
Stripped nudes

Maybelline Color Show Street Artist
Street Artist

I'm yet to own nude polishes as I've worried they'll look weird on my as I'm quite dark skinned but I thought it's about time I try it out as I have seen some great nude manicures.

The street artist range just looked amazing. I mean how can you say no to those? They cost £3.99 but they're currently on offer: buy one get one half price. That topped with student discount, I basically made an investment...
The two on the outside aren't actually limited edition, but I want to collect the range.
The street artist range nail polishes are top coats. I'm yet to try them out yet but when I do, I'll put a post up.

The next thing I picked up was an eyeshadow palette from MUA. I love MUA but for ages all they're good stuff has been out of stock so I had given up looking at stuff on their counter. Then as I was paying I spotted that all the good stuff had returned and so I picked up the Heaven and Earth palette. I currently own Undress Me Too which is an amazing palette. I had been looking for neutral eyeshadows and I had read a couple of reviews for this one and at the bargain of £4 I thought I might as well pick this one up.

MUA eyeshadow heaven earth

MUA eyeshadow heaven earth

The next item I picked up was one of Sleek's blush palette.

sleek blush palette

 I've heard great things about this palette for ages and I've been looking for a good blush that's well pigmented without being too harsh for ages. I haven't used it much yet as I don't wear blush everyday but when I have used it, I've loved it.

sleek blush pink sprint

Lastly, I picked up Garnier's new micellar water.

Garnier micellar cleanser water

I've heard loads about micellar water. I had wanted to get L'oreal's but the reviews I saw weren't encouraging. 
I personally like Garnier's products and the reviews I read about Garnier's were good so I was more swayed to to pick this one up. It also happened to be on offer as well.

That concludes my recent visit to Superdrug. I think I ought to stay clear of that shop for a while now...

Have any of you guys bought some great products from Superdrug or have any of you posted a haul recently? I'd love to know as I'm always looking for products to try.

Thanks for reading!!!




  1. Ahh I want everything in this haul! Especially the MUA palette- I have Undress Me Too & I love it, really need to pick up Heaven & Earth. The Sleek Blush & Micellar water look great too!

    C x | Gymbags & Gladrags

    1. I'm yet to try the Micellar water but everything else has been great so far :) x x

  2. Oh, you've really made me want to go shopping right away..haha! I've been lusting over that blush trio for quite a while. And I love nude nail polish, especially Maybelline. Nice post! :)

    1. Hahaha. I know the feeling. I'm happy I've finally got the blush palette and I'm actually loving the nude polish :) x x

  3. It's always great to buy new things and i think if we do that when we're having somewhat of a bad week, it usually helps :) i like what you've picked! The Heaven & Earth palette looks so beautiful, i have the Undress Me but really want to give that one a try soon, i'm always gravitation towards neutral shades :) oh btw, i know sometimes you visit my blog but i've decided to make a separate one just for beauty/makeup so it's less confusing this way, so i'm just living you the link here if you want to check it out :) I'm only starting but i am very excited about it :)


    1. Thank. I'll check out your blog! :) x x