Monday, 31 March 2014

Mr Nutcase

Hey guys

I've recently come across a site where you can order a customised phone case. I've always wanted one so I took this opportunity to try it.

First of all, I have to say how easy the Mr Nutcase website is. Some of these customisation websites can be quite confusing at times.
I always have problems deciding on what design I wanted. I originally wanted a photo but I couldn't decide on what photo I would happily have on my phone case that I wouldn't get bored of. So I just went to good old reliable Picmonkey and created a design of my own.

Unfortunately I couldn't create a case for my Google Nexus 7 which is what I really wanted. The option was on the website but had no cases available. Hopefully they'll branch out to give more selection as it is a great service and I would love to use them again for other gadgets!

I ended up creating a design for my iPhone instead.

As I'm super paranoid about my screen cracking (I've seen too many cracked screens and I'd like to keep mine crack free) I always have cases that protect the screen which led me to choose the Executive Flip Leather Style. Now on the website, it states that one side would be white, but at the time that I was designing my case that message did not come up. So I have a case with one beautifully designed side and then one white, plain side. This is such a shame as it makes my case look incomplete.

mr nutcase phone case

mr nutcase phone case

I would recommend the Ultra Light Weight Slimline case and if I was to design my case again I would choose this type instead.

Apart from that I have no complaints and would happily recommend this service.

Have you customised your phone case? I'm always looking for design ideas so would love to see them!

Thanks for reading!

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