Sunday, 22 September 2013

Back to uni!

Hey guys

I start back at uni tomorrow and thought it would be good to write a different type of post.
It's a really important year for me and I really want to get good marks so I need to make some realistic aims.

When I begin a new academic year I always make these promises to myself about how I'll revise a lot more, spend less, eat healthily you know the usual lol 

So I thought if I put my goals in writing it might be easier to achieve and I'll be more likely to stick to them so what better place to put it than on my blog!

1. Get organised and keep organised
     - I always start off organised but give
       it a few weeks and my folders are a
       mess and my room begins to get
       This year I'm gonna try and file my
       notes as soon as soon as I have
       them instead of waiting for them to 
       pile up

2. Write up notes ASAP
     - As soon as I finish a set of notes in
       lectures I want to have written them
       up in my own writing (within a week)
       and filed away so it's easier to make
       my flashcards and mind maps when
       it comes to revision.

3. Start coursework ASAP
    - No more leaving things last minute
       I want to start my assignments
       within 3-5 days of the day it has
       been set

4. Exercise regularly and continue
    barely ordering take out
    - Healthy body healthy mind! :)
      Exercise is a great way to relieve
      stress and uni can get very stressful.
      I recently lost a stone but I slacked 
      over the holidays so I want to lose
      a stone or 2 and then tone up.
      I want to be going to the gym 2-3
      times a week even more if I can in
      less busy weeks. 
      I've been managing to order take out
      less which is great because not only
      does it save me money, it
      encourages me to cook so I can
      make relatively healthy meals.

5. Procrastinate less!!!
    - I'm a massive procrastinator. It
      should be my middle name. At uni I 
      use tv shows to procrastinate. For
      some reason all my shows come
      back when uni resumes- it's almost
      like they want me not to work. 
      I'm going to try (emphasis on the try
      and only watch when I'm eating and
      maybe an hour or so before bedtime. 
      Make sure my work is done first
      before I watch.

6. Keep blogging!!!
    -With increasing workload it's difficult.
      to keep up with leisure but I really.  
      don't want my blogging to suffer. I'm
      a relatively new blogger and I really.
      enjoy it and I don't want going back
      to uni to mean less posts so I'm
      going to try to post a minimum of 3
      posts a week. Some months maybe
      crazy busy but I'll try my best!!!

Hope you've enjoyed my post. It's different type but I wanted to get myself in the best mind frame so I can start this year as I mean to go.
Then I can look back next year when I'm in my final year and can see what I achieved, what went well, what didn't go well and anything else I need to do.

Anybody out there starting uni or sixth form and has set themselves goals? I'd love to read them!

Thanks for reading! :)


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