Friday, 27 September 2013

Boots haul

Hey guys

After what seemed like a lifetime spending ban I finally went shopping!!! I went a bit crazy so I'll spread my purchases over a few blogs.

This first one is on what I recently bought from Boots.
My first item is a face mask from 'Good things'. I was actually looking for another mask but this one caught my eye because of the shine control and blemish control it claimed to have. These are 2 of my main issues as I have super oily skin. I've only used the mask a few times so far and at the moment I'm liking it. It has quite a bit of menthol so when it's first out on it can be quite uncomfortable but when it's washed off it leaves my skin feeling smooth, soft and grease free. I'll see how it goes. I've got quite a high bar set, thanks to soap any glory's facial peel.

Boots had buy one get one half price so I thought I'd find 2 items I really liked. I bought four... *facepalm*.
I decided my lips were in need of a treat so I bought 2 lipglosses and 2 lip butters.
I had forgotten how much I loved lipglosses. I used to associate them with when I was younger and now that I'm older (uni student) I should be wearing lipsticks. But if I'm totally honest, I'm not the biggest lipstick fan. Don't get me wrong, I think lipsticks are great but I feel that I tend to find lipglosses that suit me more easily than I do lipsticks. (Maybe it's  just all in my head). They also keep the lips well moisturised and barely need topping up.
Well I got a L'oreal shine lipgloss and a revlon lipgloss.
The L'oreal lipgloss is in a purple shade and the Revlon is a dark red shade. I love these shades as I feel they're quite appropriate for the autumn season were in. Not too bright but still enough colour especially with the darker clothes worn in this season.
I also got 2 of the Revlon lip butters. I bought a red colour and a pink colour. I can definitely see myself going to get a few more. They keep the lips well hydrated (important as it starts to get colder) whilst giving the lips great colour. I was impressed at how long the colour remained. I'm more inclined to use these on nights out or dinners rather than everyday use as the shades I bought are quite bright (for me personally) to use everyday. Maybe if I get some darker shades they'll be used for everyday use.

All in all a pleasant (not to my bank account) trip to boots.
Unlike my trip to Clinique but that's another topic for another post.

Apologies for the picture quality. I don't have the best camera and it doesn't bring out how great the shades are but I hope you've enjoyed this post.

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Have a great day!
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