Saturday, 14 September 2013

Skincare tag

Hey guys

So I've read quite a few skincare tags and even though technically I haven't been tagged and since I'm looking for things to blog about I thought I would jump on the bandwagon. Enjoy :D

Describe your skincare routine in 5 words
easy, refreshing, gentle, regular, modifiable

  What's your skin type?

Oily-like major, which I find so annoying, yet to find products that allow
me to remain shine-free for majority of the day. I guess one benefit
is that my skin remains young (or so I've been told...)

  What's your favourite skincare product?

At the moment it would have to be Soap and Glory's 2-in-1 facial pore purifying mask and peel
It's the best mask I've used so far, leaving my skin feel clean and not greasy
Top blemish zapper
I haven't used one that I'm happy with. I am currently using the Freederm 
one which I'm notimpressed with so am more
than happy for people's opinions. Now that I'm more regular with 
my skincare routine, breakouts are less common 
but when I do get spots (because unfortunately I still do)
 it would be nice to have one that works

Face wipes yay or nay? 
I use face wipes when I get home just to remove the make up I have but 
before I go to bed I wash my face properly as I don't think face
wipes remove all the make up properly, especially
eye make up
  Toner yay or nay? 

I do use a toner but I'm yet to find one I'm 100% happy with so I'm welcome to suggestions

  High end skincare or high end make up?

I think I'm more inclined to buy high end make up because I find make-up more exciting
but it is important to have good skincare but I feel many of the drugstore products are more than great if
not better at times 
  What's the most unusual skincare product you've tried? 

I actually tend not to use unusual products on my face because I'm quite scared about how
my face will react to it. If I had to answer, I would say a self-heating mask I used once, which did feel 
weird on my face but I didn't like it as I didn't
feel that my face was cleansed enough afterwards

You're in a French pharmacy and can only pick one item - what is it? 
I recently saw an advert on Lancome's skin pigmentation corrector and I 
would love to try it out as I would love to get
an even skin tone. Would definitely result in less foundation use
Tell us your top skincare tip
Drink as much water as possible. It's a tip I try to follow as much as possible
because when I do, I definitely see great results in my skin

I hope you've enjoyed reading my skincare tag. Let me know what you think and any suggestions especially on how to deal with extremely oily skin and how to keep my face shine-free all day. I'm more than happy to check out your skincare tags so just comment below and I'll give them a read :)

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  1. I don't know if you've tried it but I've been loving Simple's toner! And Simple Clear Skin oil balancing face wash has calmed down a lot of my oily skin, after it's started working I'd recommend to only use it every two days as it did start drying my skin out) Hope this helps!! :) xx

  2. Thanks for that
    I'll definitely be trying that. :)