Sunday, 15 September 2013

Maybelline color show review

Hey guys! :)

It's time for my first product review. I've recently started blogging so thought I would start with my favourite nail polish range at the moment. I'm obsessed with nail polishes. It's my weakness and about a couple of months ago Maybelline released a range of nail polishes called color show. When I see a new range of nail polishes I just have to try them without checking reviews which I normally do with other beauty products. And normally the new ones are on some kind of offer so I buy in bulk and sometimes I do regret it if the nail polishes suck but if they're great I regret not buying more.

I'm in love with this range. It's Maybelline's first transparent gel based formula and I love it. The colour is bright and vibrant and it lasts for ages!!! If I had to complain it would be that the bottle is smaller than I usually like but to be honest at £2.99 a bottle I can't really complain. It's a great price and even greater quality and I love doing nail art with them.  As you can see, I have plenty and fully intend on buying more.
My ultimate dream would be to have the whole range.
I particularly love the limited edition ranges they do. Currently they have a leather range out which I'm yet to try out as I haven't had time to get into town but once I do I'll definitely be buying them.

I'm currently wearing one of the limited edition range (polka dots)- shown below

They brought out a neon range during the summer which of course with the weird heatwave we had was perfect so I was rocking those colours a fair bit. 
Now that the weather is typically British again I thought it appropriate to tone the colours down a bit but that doesn't mean boring dull colours. I quite like the blues- like turquoise and teal at the moment.

Hope you haven't found the post too long. As you can probably tell I love this range and could go on talking about it forever
Hope you guys have enjoyed it and of anybody has tried this range let me know what you thought of it!!

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Thanks for reading and have a great day! :)

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  1. These polishes look really great. I have had the chance to try them just yet, but I definitely want to :) Great post.

    curlandpearls | bloglovin'

    1. Thanks!
      You most definitely should :) x

  2. These polishes are fab! I love them. Only problem is although they don't chip, they peel off so quickly! :( I don't know if you've found that too?? xx

  3. When I first bought them they lasted for ages! But recently they've been peeling off (on my right hand for some reason). It's really annoying. My only complaint otherwise a great range :)